In the Nordic countries, there has been a noticeable increase in interest in the wines and cultural heritage of the Moselle region. Knowledge of wines and tastes in general have also changed and become more sophisticated. Northern Europeans know about wine, have usually travelled a lot, and like to enjoy life. But even though most people from the Nordic countries speak very good English, they still appreciate expert guides who speak their own language.

Humour comes across much better, the atmosphere becomes more intimate, and the holiday is at once less complicated and more cheerful and relaxed.

The Moselle wine region has endless attractions. Vinovent Mosel offers expertise and a pleasant introduction to this world for anyone with an interest in wine.

Born 19.12.1967 in Helsinki/Finland

1977-1988: Deutsche Schule in Stockholm; city tour guide in Stockholm

1989–1995: M.A. in political sciences from the University of Passau

Resident since 1995 in the Trier region; translator for Finnish and Swedish in Luxembourg

Since 2009: training as an official culture and wine guide for the Mosellearea (Chamber of Industry and Commerce) and as a city tour guide (City of Trier)

2 children